Here are steps for introducing the H&S Manager in your company / organisation.

The H&S Manager is a cloud-based tool, so there are no complex installation instructions. It works seamlessly across all devices, and all you need is an active Internet connection and a browser on your PC / laptop / handheld device.

Step1 - 30 day Free Trial Sign Up

Once you have familiarized yourself with the H&S Manager and are convinced that it can indeed make a difference to your company / organisation, you can sign up for 30 day free trial. Upon receipt of the signup form, we can make it ready for use, within 1-2 business days. Your login information will be emailed to you.

Step2 - First Login

When you log in, you will land on the Administration page of the H&S Manager.

  1. Create User Accounts

    As of now, only one user exists, you. So, you need to create user accounts for all your occupational health and safety staff.

  2. List Projects & Assign Project Access Permissions

    You also need to list projects, specifying the project manager in charge of each project, the client for whom the work is being carried out, the contractor involved, and so on. Then go to the User Permissions page, you can set their privileges for users. For example, which personnel can access to which page, whether they are allowed only to view the files or edit them as well, and so on.

  3. Input Workforce Data (Skip this Step2-3 if you chose PACAGE BASIC.)

    Workforce data input will be constantly required activity to keep the records up to date. We understand that it can be quite tedious and time-consuming for the first time, so we can do this for you. For details click here.

    Even if this workforce data input has not been completed, the H&S Manager is still a right-hand system to support health and safety managers/officers every day. Some features linked to the workforce data will not be available.

  4. Create Workforce Accounts

    If you finish workforce data input above, basic information such as name is filled in automatically so that creating accounts for workforce is easy. The H&S Manager offers some forms to be used by workforce, which are Take 5 Checklist, Vehicle Inspection and Plant Inspection.

Now You Are Ready To Go!

You can start using your H&S Manager for monitoring your daily operations and occupational health and safety activities. Let's begin with creating;

  • Daily Report Form

    Basic information such as weather, ground condition, man-hours and etc. You will need to create this form every day for project statistics.

  • Near Miss/Hazardous Condition Form

    Are there anything that has the potential to be harmful, cause injury, or have adverse health effects on someone in your workplace?

  • Fire Safety Inspection Form
  • General Workplace Inspection Form
  • Pre-Start Checklist Form
  • Take 5 Checklist Form

    Checking for potential safety hazards before starting work allows employees / workers to manage risk.

Then schedule a meeting to discuss how to make the occupational health and officers' work systematic and effective with the H&S Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed some of our most frequently asked questions about the H&S Manager. If you have a specific question that is not listed please feel free to contact us by the enquiry form at CONTACT US page.

Q I have started using the H&S Manager, but the forms present in the software are inconsistent with our reporting standards. Can they be changed?

A Yes. We will be happy to do this once you let us know exactly what you need in your forms. After we complete the customerisation process, they will be an exact match with what you were using earlier. This ensures minimal disruption to your business.

QCan I use the H&S Manger without workforce data input?

A Yes. We understand that it is not an easy decision nor an easy task to input all of workforce data at one time. As start, try the H&S Manager without workforce data input or introduce to a small project to which you induct small number of workforce.

Q My company has just bagged a major contract and we have hired another 200 workers. Can I upgrade my PACKAGE?

A Yes. You can apply for upgrading or downgrading your package anytime and can switch over to a new package in the next month. If you have an urgent need of a HIGHER package, please let us know.

Q What should I do if I want to cancel?

A The registered contact person of your company / organisation needs to send an email with a fulfilled termination form attached. The form is sent to the contact person at the beginning of your subscription. Your subscription will be terminated at the end of the month. For example, if the submission date is June 19th, the termination day is June 31st. There will be no cancellation charges.

Q Can I access data after I cancel my H&S Manager?

A No. However you could continue to view your reports / data on H&S Manager for a nominal monthly fee of 99.5AUD. This is a ‘read-only’ version and you cannot enter any more data, edit reports or create new user accounts. All existing company user accounts, barring yours, are deactivated. Alternatively we can save forms as PDF format to DVDs for a price of 1.25AUD per form.