1. Subscription Fees

(1) Subscription PACKAGES

There are six standard packages for you to choose from. They differ among themselves only in the number of workforce for whom personal details can be entered or for whom workforce accounts are created, and not in functionality. For example, if your package is PACKAGE 100, you can create 100 workforce data input forms AND 100 workforce accounts.

PACKAGE 100 498AUD (16.5AUD/day) 100
PACKAGE 250 998AUD (33AUD/day) 250
PACKAGE 500 1,498AUD (43AUD/day) 500
PACKAGE 1000 2,498AUD (83AUD/day) 1000
PACKAGE UNLIMITED 4,998AUD (166AUD/day) Unlimited

(2) Billing Cycle

We operate on a monthly billing cycle starting on the 1st day of the month and ending on the 30th day of the month. You are expected to make the payment on or before the 10th day of every month.

Because of 30-day free trial, the first payment is irregular In most cases. For example, if your 30-day free trial period ends on April 21st, the daily fee is applied to the adjustment period of April 22nd to April 30th. The first payment is for the period of April 21st - May 31st and its due date is May 10th.

We understand that there may be problems which prevent you from making the payment on time. You can continue using H&S Manager up to the 20th of the month. If the monthly fee plus 50AUD late payment fee is not received by this date, then the access to the H&S Manager will be restricted. This default on the payment is viewed as a cancellation of the service and the data entered into the system is treated as such.


"What if my company grows and I want to opt for a higher package? What if my company has downsized and I want to shift to a lower package?"

You can apply for a change of package anytime and can switch over to a new package in the next month. If you have an urgent need of a higher package, please email us at

Your package and workforce data/accounts amount are always shown at Administration > Manage Workforce Data > List Of Workforce. (See the red circled in the image.)

"What if I need to cancel my subscription? (Termination of services)"

If you wish to terminate your subscription, the registered contact person of your company/organisation shall email us at with a fulfilled termination form attached. The form is sent to the contact person at the beginning of your subscription. Your subscription will be terminated at the end of a month you desire.

We can save forms as PDF format to DVDs for a price of 1.25AUD per form.

Alternatively, you could continue to view your report/data on H&S Manager for a monthly fee of 99.5AUD. This is a read-only version and you cannot enter any more data, edit reports or create new user accounts. All existing company user accounts, barring yours, are deactivated.

(4) Payment Methods

We can accept payment by bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.


The packages are subject to change with one month prior notice to the existing customers. The latest version is applied when you change your package. If not, there will be no change about your subscription fee.


2. Workforce Data Input Service Fee

The workforce data input fee is 1.25AUD per person. The input fields are;

Even if you cannot fill in every field perfectly, for example, simply entering the name, date of birth, phone number and email for each employee / worker will make a massive difference in your daily work.

If you wish to order Workforce Data Input Service, email us at with workforce data (data_input.xlsx) attached. We will send you an invoice upon receipt of the workforce data.

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