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An Ultimate All-in-one Web App for Workplace/Occupational Health and Safety (WHS/OHS) Managers

H&S Manager works as a platform for you (WHS/OHS managers) and workforce on site to build a strong network to share information. It covers all eventualities of health and safety concerns.

Easy To Get Started, Easy To Use, Even Customisable

H&S Manager is fully cloud-based. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. If something does not suit you, just tell us. H&S Manager is customisable.

H&S Managers offers two menus. One for WHS/OHS managers on the administrative side, one for workforce at site.


HIGHLIGHT 1 Live Visual Display Of Essential Data & Alerts On Dashboard

With a comprehensive dashboard tracking safety reports company-wide combined with live-updating data feeds, your teams will have a clear and up to date understanding of all incidents as they unfold throughout the working day.



HIGHLIGHT 2 Comprehensive & Customisable Forms

The H&S Manager allows for the submission of health and safety logs and incident reports via the submission of electronic forms which covers all eventualities. We can customise them to perfectly fit for you besides create new forms from scratch if you wish.

  1. Inductions
  2. Incidents & Alerts
  3. Continuous Improvement
  4. Daily Reporting
  5. Drills & Inspections
  6. Meetings
  7. Risk Management




HIGHLIGHT 3 Various Reports To Identify Problems

All detailed project reports and associated documents can be viewed in a graphic format so that occupational health and safety managers/officers find it easier to make sense of the data.



HIGHLIGHT 4 SMS Alert Message In One Click

When something urgent came up, this is the best way. You can send a SMS to all health and safety officers in one click. They will log-in H&S Manager right away to see what happened.


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These are just some of the services you can depend on.

Introducing technological change into your company / organisation presents challenges. As you might know from experience, only when you start using a new system, do problems crop up....No matter! Simply tell us what makes you unhappy and we will fix it. Besides there are some of the services you can depend on.

✔ 30 Day Free Trial

Switching to a new safety management system isn't something you or your business takes lightly. That's why we offer a 30 day free trial for you. If for any reason you're not totally satisfied then there's not pressure to buy. Try the H&S Manager today!

✔ From $298/month

H&S Manager's fees are calculated on monthly basis. To start with you can introduce H&S Manager to one of you project to see how effective the system is with easy & flexible monthly payments.

✔ No Lock-in Contract

We understand that situations can change. That's why our subscriptions come with no lock-in period. If you don't require our services any longer, we promise there will be no cancellation charges. All you have to do is email us before your next billing cycle.


- Testimonials -

"We are not the biggest of companies, but with this H&S Manager means we have a big boy's App at a very affordable price. It is great! Try it."
Mustang Designs LLP

"Monthly payment helps our cash flow, which lets us tender on more projects. It is the biggest reason to chose H&S Manager."
Eastside Civil Pty Ltd