Here are the key features of H&S Manager. It is intuitive and user-friendly. We do not want you to waste your precious time with a manual. Once you login the H&S Manager, you will realize how to use it within 15 minutes.

Key Features

  1. 1.Administration

  2. 2.Dashboard

  3. 3.Forms

  4. 4.Scanned Docs

  5. 5.Project Statistics

  6. 6.Schedules&Events

  7. 7.Training

  8. 8.User Permission

  9. 9.SMS Alert

  10. 10.Bulletin Board

1. Administration - Preparation for H&S Management -

For project-based management, you create user accounts, list projects and input data of workforce.

Administration page is a landing page for occupational health and safety managers/officers. So it offers real time information tool for monitoring safety issues across all projects at Global Analysis such as an alert sign of near miss or incidents.

2. Dashboard - Live Visual Display Of Essential Data & Alerts -

Instead of having to pour through multiple files and then making an assessment, the dashboard makes it simpler. All the information is presented in a visually graphic format so that occupational health and safety managers/officers can get what they need when they need it. The H&S Manager provides you with data pertaining to

  • Incidents
  • Near Miss
  • Loss Time Injury (LTI) Rate
  • Vehicle Accident Rate
  • Total Recordable Injury Cases
  • Capar

You can also view company performance, as well as that of your contractors.

This is a massive improvement over anything that you might be using at present. Staying up to date helps you cut down on project delays significantly.


3. Forms - Electronic Forms To Support & Improve H&S Officer's Work -

The H&S Manager allows for the submission of health and safety logs and incident reports via the submission of electronic forms. Based on your requirements we can help you customise both the types of forms offered as well as the form fields provided to perfectly suit your needs.

(1) Inductions

  • Personal Safety & Induction Record
  • Drugs And Alcohol Tests
  • Fitness To Work Tests

(2) Incidents & Alerts

  • Health & Safety Alert
  • Incident [First Notification]
  • Incident [General Report]
  • Incident [Witness Interview]
  • Near Miss/Hazardous Condition

(3) Continuous Improvement

  • Audit
  • Health & Safety Management Review

(4) Daily Reporting

  • Daily Report Calendar

(5) Drills & Inspections

  • Comprehensive Workplace Inspection
  • Excavation Inspection
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • General Workplace Inspection
  • Plant Inspection
  • Pre-Start Checklist
  • Take 5 Checklist
  • Scaffold Inspection
  • Trench Inspection
  • Vehicle Inspection

(6) Meetings

  • Emergency Response Debrief
  • Toolbox talk
  • Weekly/Monthly Health & Safety Meeting

(7) Risk Management

  • General Lifting Plan
  • PPE Matrix
  • Safe Work Method Statements


4. Scanned Docs - Storage For Image Files -

This is a storage for image files, scanned documents. Often a picture is worth a thousand words.

5. Project Statistics - Run Various Reports -

All detailed project reports and associated documents can be viewed in a graphic format so that occupational health and safety managers/officers find it easier to make sense of the data. This is better than sifting through reams of rows and columns filled with numbers.

Some of the reports that can be viewed this way are

  • Incident Report
  • Environmental Incidents
  • General Reporting
  • Lost Time Injuries (LTI)
  • Near Miss Cases
  • Staff vs. Incidents
  • Total Recordable Injury Cases
  • Vehicle Accidents



6. Schedules & Events - Event Calendar -

You can schedule meetings, safety drills, audits, and inspections. Everything is displayed on a calendar so that occupational health and safety managers/officers know exactly on which date something is to take place, and when.

7. Training - Training Calendar -

With the H&S Manager, occupational health and safety managers/officers can view the certificates/licenses of workers and know when they are going to expire. This helps them to arrange for training programs/re-certification.

Even if the training cannot be done on location, this data can help occupational health and safety managers/officers rearrange work schedules. The worker(s) can undergo training without the project being affected on account of their absence.

8. User Permission - Who Can Do What -

This lets you assign permissions for all user accounts so that confidential data is not inadvertently accessed. Some junior-level occupational health and safety officers may be able to view reports, but not edit them – this could be reserved exclusively for senior-level or managers for example. Even senior-level executives like the finance controller, who are not directly involved with project management, could be accorded permission for viewing data on the H&S Manager in a view-only mode. This safeguard protects against accidental deletion or editing of project/personnel files.

9. SMS Alert - SMS In One Click -

If you wish all users to login H&S Manager (workforce account holders are not included) when a serious safety issue arises and forms such as Incident [First Notification], Health & Safety Alert and Near Miss/Hazardous Condition, you can send an SMS message in one click.

An alert of Global Dashboard at Administration is on for 24hours to notify the issue. Users will find a link to view the form straight away.

10. Bulletin Board - Exchange Information Freely -

You can communicate with each other and share information.


Every company has its own set of operating policies. Because of this, the H&S Manager is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every business. The H&S Manager can be customised according to the needs of the company. Examples include:

  • Adding fields in Forms
  • Changing labels of input fields
  • Adding default values to input fields
  • Including the option to select fields
  • New Forms
  • More reporting functionality

These can be done for a fraction of cost. For more information on how the H&S Manager can be fully customised for your company’s operating requirements, please get in touch with us.

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